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Teachers College Press

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For over a century, Teachers College Press has been committed to addressing the ideas that matter most to educators. Today, our publishing program carries on this tradition and seeks to open and expand the dialogue between theory and practice by:

  • Looking at education, learning, and teaching in diverse ways
  • Exploring the tension between the academy and the public school
  • Challenging assumptions that devalue the quality of the educational experience at all levels of schooling
  • Providing substantive resources for all of the participants in the education process (teachers, teacher educators, researchers, academics, administrators, school board members, policy makers, parents and students)

Our list of publications includes books and materials of interest in all areas of education from infant/toddler to adult learning. Our authors include seasoned practitioners and scholars as well as fresh new talent from around the world. Many of our books cross disciplinary boundaries in ways that are always of interest and frequently provocative. Though sometimes controversial, our publishing decisions are supported by grounded research and reviewed by authorities in the field. Through our series editors, editorial advisory boards, and peer reviewers, we strive to ensure that what we publish deserves our readers’ attention and contributes to deepening the understanding and improvement of the practice of education.

Carole Saltz